Chemical Solutions – Drilling

Cementing & Stimulation Chemicals

OOISS along with its global partners provide a wide range of cementing and stimulation chemicals (Frac and Acid applications). These chemicals are typically used for applications involving both the cementing and the stimulation fraternity in the Oil & Gas Industry. Our stimulation chemicals portfolio includes surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, diverting agents, internal breakers, H2S scavengers, clay stabilizers, cross linkers, delayed cross linking agent, Frac gel stabilizing agents, scale inhibitors, well bore clean up chemicals, mudzymes, mud acids etc. OOISS also takes pride in its ability to prepare tailor made chemicals for stimulation which are typically based on the client’s requirement or the applications requirement.

Completion Fluids

OOISS also supplies heavy brines used for well completion applications such as NaBr Brines (Sodium Bromide) and its powder form, CaBr Brine (Calcium Bromide) and its powder form, ZnBr Brine (Zinc Bromide) and its powder form.



OOISS and its global technology partners offer advanced chemistry and technology solutions which help drive new production from both conventional and unconventional sources.  OOISS have partnered with major global technology leaders to offer specialty chemicals for oil and gas fields that have been developed to meet customers’ unique needs and are well versed in  efficiently bringing the supplies to the market..


OOISS Field Service Engineers (FSE) are academically qualified and have the required experience to provide sampling and analytical support to all oil / water / gas analysis activities. OOISS’s FSE is responsible for communicating, reporting, implementing effective production chemicals, gas treatment applications, water treatment applications operational programs, training and best practices for Quality, Health, Safety & Environment and for the elimination or reasonable reduction of toxic and hazardous materials.


For blending and packaging services, OOISS has a partnership with a group company within the Zubair Energy Division which provides custom chemical blending, manufacturing, packaging and industrial services. As a result of this partnership, we can manufacture made to order products based on service provider’s customized formulations and specifications for a variety of industries. Our chemical portfolio includes acid & bases, surfactants, glycols, inorganic compounds, organic compounds, alcohols, solvents and commodity products used extensively in the Oil & Gas, Water Treatment and other Industrial applications.


OOISS operations are conducted from purpose facilities in Muscat comprising 50,000 square meters which includes offices, workshops, warehousing and considerable open, shaded and temperature-controlled storage facilities. From these facilities, we stock a selection of chemicals and industrial products and ensure these supplies are maintained, distributed and delivered to our customers. OOISS’s warehouse is designed to cater for a wide range of clients, products and applications. The facilities are equipped to handle chemicals substances packaged in bulk and also laboratory products which require special storage conditions. For laboratory chemicals and consumables, we have a separate air-conditioned storage facility.. All storage of chemicals is organized using the “first in/first out” (FIFO) principle OOISS’s logistics operations are conducted to the highest standards and approved by all relevant authorities and customers. We have the latest, IVMS equipped, civil defence approved transport vehicles of various sizes from 1t pick up vehicles to 45t trucks.