Well Services

We are an Omani Oilfield Service company that offers various solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry. Through our alliances with internationally renowned partners OOISS has the ability to provide the needed resources to help you, the client, reach your targets with efficiency and precision.

The sectors of the industry we service are

  • Drilling & Evaluation
  • Well Construction
  • Intervention
  • Completion, Stimulation & Production


Enventure Global Technology is the world’s leading provider of SET® solid expandable technology solutions for the energy industry. The company has a global presence with operations in North America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, South America, Europe and the Far East.

With a reputation for being the expandable technology leaders, Enventure focuses on developing systems and services that enable operators to meet their drilling and production objectives. The company has reliably performed in a variety of openhole and cased-hole applications, assisting operators with developing the most value from their drilling and workover projects.

Enventure’s SET® technology minimizes the inside diameter (ID) restrictions in oil and gas wells by radially enlarging proprietary tubulars through a cold-drawing process. Today, Enventure’s proven solutions continue to deliver results to operators worldwide, including national oil companies, major operators, and large and small independents.


Fishbones AS is a Norwegian technology company with headquarters in Stavanger, Norway, and regional office in Dubai.

Fishbones Stimulation Technology (FST) provides a method to stimulate reservoirs with simplicity, accuracy and efficiency and offers a welcomed alternative to traditional stimulation methods such as hydraulic fracturing. FST is simple to use and saves time and resources. The system is installed as a part of a traditional production liner with Fishbones tools positioned to allow optimal connectivity with the zones of desired stimulation.

A large number of small diameter tubes (needles) jet or drill out simultaneously from the wellbore to penetrate the reservoir, creating numerous micro-laterals. The full operation can be completed in less than 12 hours and does not require specialized fluids or pumps. The primary application for this technology is to stimulate well production by connecting the wellbore to the reservoir with as many as 300 laterals of length up to the 12 meters (40 ft.). The micro-laterals drain layers or faults while vastly increasing the effective wellbore radius which in turn increases production rate and recovery. FST is available for both carbonate and sandstone formations.

Frank’s International

Few companies in the world have more industry experience than Frank’s International. After all, we have been serving the tubular and oil & gas industry since 1938. In fact, we believe that no other company in the world has run more miles of casing than Frank’s International.

Over the past several decades, Frank’s International has established itself as a true pioneer in deepwater services—working with companies such as Shell, ExxonMobil, Amoco, Conoco-Phillips, Chevron and Unocal for riser fabrication and tubular handling and installation.

Our products and services include

  • Tubular Running Services
  • Casing While Drilling
  • Automated Solutions
  • Top Drive Casing Running Tools
  • Hammer Services
  • Pick up & Laydown
  • Blackhawk™ Specialty tools


Headquartered in Dubai UAE, Sakson Drilling & Oil Services is a drilling contractor dedicated to serving the oil and gas industry. The company offers reliable, cost-effective services, along with highly skilled personnel and a young fleet of land drilling rigs.

With over a decade of experience operating in challenging locations and a strong commitment to safety, the environment and local communities, Sakson provides a customised, integrated service that creates value for its clients, project stakeholders and shareholders.

Sakson enjoys a diverse portfolio of projects throughout the Middle East and Africa regions, operating currently a fleet of 8 land rigs, all of which are Sakson owned. The capacity of this fleet ranges from 1,000HP truck-mounted units to 3,000HP rigs, with the ability to reach a maximum depth of 7,000 meters.

Sakson always aims to ensure an efficient service, the right technology and the correct techniques, which enables the company to maintain a close relationship with its clients and provide a truly cost-effective solution.